Corporate Events Management

At Primera Events Management Company, we are indeed committed to providing professional conference and production services across the East Africa Region with utmost professionalism.
We fully understand that Events Management goes beyond hardware equipment’s but also the complex logistical aspect of an event.
For a successful Corporate Event, it demands the Organizer to be extra keen to details and analyze the same Comprehensively:

(a)Delegates Management.:
Having a Practical project management system is critical in every event. For a smooth running of the event, it is indeed critical to ensure a
smooth flow in all aspects including the delegates registration to feedback control.
We always create a system tailor made for every event to capture the below aspects:
 Delegates registration System.

- Our team of experts creates an online Registration system on our Website.
- Once the delegates fill in the necessary details on our Registration Form, a confirmation e-mail is sent to confirm receipt of the details
alongside a link to an existing Event website created with all the necessary details regarding the Event.
- The delegates can therefore be able to log in into the website using credentials generated through our system and comment and or interact with other delegates before, during and after the Event.
 Delegates Welcome pack
- At Primera Events Management Company, we love to see those ‘huge’ smiles! Therefore, we always prepare a nice welcome pack for every delegate in attendance reflecting the theme and nature of the event.
- The pack will however include the following:
 Delegate Event I.D Card
 Event Brochures
 Menu cards,
 Place names
 Follow- up Questionnaire

(b)Events Promotional and Marketing.
For an effective Event, we might as well need to vigorously promote the same in all avenues possible.
Therefore, we shall work on the following:
 Event Website Development
 Social Media Promotional
 Print and Online Media Marketing
 Promotional Marketing videos on the website and other platforms too.
The ultimate goal is to ensure that the said event reaches the target audience and gets the attention of the same industry stakeholders too.

(c)Audio Visual Equipment’s:
Having modern and sophisticated communication gargets is our business, we have therefore invested well in equipping our team with the best equipment’s in the market to offer quality, unmatched services to all our clients.
We pull up all the resources at our disposal to bring out all the quality, high tech equipment’s to ultimately offer that high-quality production.
At our disposal, our team will provide the following services and gadgets:
• Recording equipment
• Speakers
• Microphones
• Video screens
• Projectors and video monitors
• Lighting techniques
• Computer graphics

(d)Conference Multilingual interpretation:
We are keen to offer only certified interpreters (either vocal or signs) to our clients always when called upon to do so. Language should never be a barrier for your Multilingual conference.
The need to simultaneously offer translation in a multilingual conference is very critical.
We have engaged with professional interpreters in different fields and we as well facility the same by providing the necessary high-tech gadgets for the same.
Our portable interpreters’ booths are easily transported and are designed to be quickly assembled on site by our technicians. They are then
positioned strategically at a convenient location and can take up to three interpreters.

(e)Content development and design:
We play our critical role in researching, writing and Printing publication or production of the content that will rhyme together with the theme of the Event.
We remain very keen with details and our team works alongside our clients to develop a mean full and yet quality production that reflects the aim and objectives of the Event.
We are Creators, we are innovators and very creative, therefore, we don’t hesitate to bring the much needed energy in our operations.
We have passion for our work and don’t hesitate to carefully take time to present quality content that will suite our clients need.

(f) Event staging and Management.
This is the art of managing the entire “Event Scene” in a manner that reflects the Event theme, taste and purpose. We partner with you from the beginning to produce an amazing event that meets all your goals, on schedule and within your budget.
This in most instances is done pre event day as a lot of designing goes into place. Various aspects are put into consideration at this point.
An Event designer skill comes into play as we factor in all aspects of an Event stage that reflects the client’s desires and requests.
We factor in:
 Lighting
 Equipment’s set up
 LED screens display
 Sound systems
 Entertainment
 Sitting arrangements

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