Corporate Training

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Staff training is essential in all corporate’s organization. A well-trained staff population are well fit to take up all manner of challenges in their specific area of operation.

We constantly strive to offer Teambuilding training services meant to enhance the relationships between employees and help them coexist amicably. These trainings are also meant to ensure effective collaboration for people in different departments with a common goal; deliver their respective Companies policy(s).

It is our knowledge that lack of coordination and understanding amongst a team working together is likely to create Cracks that would potentially render the team divisive and eventually unreproductive. Our numerous programs are designed to build and nurture the best qualities of a team, individually and collectively. Having excellent problem-solving skills, planning and Management skills besides building trust is very crucial for a team working together for a common goal.

So, we have hundreds of activities to be conducted well designed to suit all our client’s goals and carefully planned by our organizers to offer the best outcomes. We put our clients at the heart of our planning and ultimately offer the best experience and value for money too.

Our team of Professionals will assist in selecting the best activities depending on the following:

  • Expected outcome
  • Specific Corporate goals (Personalized Event).
  • Timeframe
  • Expected goals.
  • Improving communication skills.
  • Help to identify leadership skills.
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Help identify any hidden talent and personalities
  • Natures personal and collective responsibility
  • Build trust amongst the group.
  • Specific Corporate goals (SCG) – Personalized Event.

This is as adventurous and fun as it sounds. This opportunity brings together our clients and our team of Events specialists to bring on the table all the ideas and draft a plan that will comprehensively satisfy the clients goals.

We value teamwork from our managerial point of view. As a Flexible Events Company, we have created this platform to collect ideas from our client’s and draft a personalized Event that fits our client’s goals, time and budget.

  •  We bring the time factor on the table and evaluate the options and activities to plan for our clients. Our flexibility and rapid response enable us to work with our client’s schedule and budget and deliver the most memorable event (s). In instances where our clients have limited or otherwise, unlimited time, we recommend events from our three Classifications of Events that also attains the Event goals.

In our world of creativity and effectiveness, time isn’t a hindrance to conduct a successful team building, we are able to plan and execute a rewarding event with our client’s timetable.

Corporate Training Programs.

  1. Teambuilding
  2. Training workshops



Let’s start by the simplified definition:

A team would easily be defined as a group of people working towards a common goal. In this regard, employees with well nurtured Teambuilding skills can make work more effectively and efficiently too. The bottom line is to ensure that your team understands each well and are aware of their capabilities. The better the team can bond well, the better the results they can achieve together. We offer fun and very engaging activities to inspire your team and teach them how to work together, and what they can collectively achieve.

At Primera Events Management Company, we are keen to improving your group’s teamwork, co-operation skills besides offering fun and exciting events that also offer an excellent learning platform too.

Team building activities create an opportune environment for people to learn to collaborate. Experiential learning games simulate collaborative scenarios, where all member of a team is required to contribute in a fun and relaxed situation. As a result, participants attest to reflecting on the team building experience long into the future when they find themselves collaborating in a real-life project at work.

Benefits of Teambuilding

  • Manage resistance to change
  • Demonstrate the value of learning new skills
  • Encourage high team performance
  • Improve communication and collaboration skills.
  • Boost motivation and confidence.
  • Have lot’s and lots of fun
  • Encourage Personal creativity.
  • Encouraging accountability
  • Bettering leadership skills
  • Eliminating dysfunctions
  • Managing stress

Common Team building outcomes

  • Promoting harmony amongst the participants.
  • Appreciating each other’s differences and strengths
  • Merging together as a TEAM
  • Rebooting, re-energizing, and having fun!

What included in Teambuilding package.

  • Teambuilding facilitators
  • Events set up and Travel logistics.
  • Ambulance on site – with Emergency medical staff.
  • Event accessories and/or equipment’s.
  • Team prices for participating team. (where applicable)
  • Meals and soft drinks.
  • Certificate for Participation for participants.
  • Photoshoot session
  • Corporate Video production. (Pre and during event Video coverage

Classification of Teambuilding.

  • Indoors
  • Outdoors
  • Adventure
  • Indoors Team building.

The choice of the indoors team is dependent on several reasons. We take pride in our flexibility to plan and execute successful Team building in any kind of environment.

The size of the participants and weather could be major triggers to conduct an Indoors Teambuilding. The Fact is, there are many underlying reasons that would compel any Corporate body to consider the Indoors activities. The Organizer as well might be made to suggest the Indoors activities depending of foreseen or unforeseen reasons.

Our team of Event planners are keen to outline key activities to be conducted by a team based on the client’s nature of business and the expected outcome of the event. This is meant to ensure that the limited space available indoors is fully utilized and we bring in as much materials and equipment’s as possible that suits in the expected activities.

  • Outdoors Team building

The East Africa region is also home to some incredible outdoors venues. The beautiful sceneries spread out in this great region are suitable to conduct an outdoors Events. As a local Event Management Company, we call this region #Home and we are conversant with different geographical terrains. These different open environments offer different experience and some also offer us a natural advantage for our activities.

Some of the Outdoors Activities: –

-Knock outs


-Crystal challenge

– Human Logo’s

– Land Raft

– Bungee running

– Beast of Dreams

– Conquest for the best

  • Adventure Activities.

These are more physical and meant strictly for the physically and medically fit individuals ready to raise their adrenaline level. The design of these activities is better when conducted on a multiple days Events for the Individuals who fits in the minimum requirements.

Some of our Adventure activities: –


-Rock Climbing



-Camel riding

-Horseback riding/Racing


How we do it:

Step 1: Diagnosis:  – Interviews/Briefing

  • Conducted to have a better understanding of our client’s needs to plan accordingly.
  • We keenly take notes and sketch what would eventually be the Grand plan.

Step 2: Design.

  • We design the plan with the aid of the pre-plan briefing with our client’s where we put in consideration all the raised interests.

The draft of the same is also made available to the client before execution.

Step 3: Delivery

  • Availing: keynotes speaker (s)

Team building and Training services

Equipment’s, Accessories and grounds for the event to take


Step 4: Evaluation

  • Evaluation of any assignment is critical in the service industry and we appreciate the feedback from our clients and rating too. This enables us to reflect our service delivery and learn on any of the shortcomings.

We have several training programs that are suitable for our Corporate clients. With a keen selection of the activities to be featured on a specific plan, we bring in a complementary training program to supplement the physical activities.

Below are some of our training programs.

  • Customer Service training
  • Leadership training
  • Time Management
  • Communication skills
  • Financial Management.









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