Customer Service Standards Policy

Our core business is to ensure that we offer exemplary logistical assistance in Events Management besides offering professional travel consultation regarding the CORPORATE EVENTS that we organize. In this regard, we are the ultimate service and solution providers in Corporates events that you call upon us to input professional and yet personal touch. We are committed to ensure we fulfil our client’s expectations to live their dream as we input all resources at our disposal to make all dreams of a memorable event a reality. Our Loyalty to our clients ensures that we remain very realistic, give reliable response(s) and MOST importantly, timely response anytime a query is received by our staff. As we courteously and amicably look forward to being on call anytime our perspective’s or current clients reach us on available avenues, we have set some reasonable guidelines to deliver the very best.
Therefore, we will always:
(a) Respond to all queries raised by our clients promptly and expeditiously.
(b) Be extremely attentive to details and offer personalized services to our clients as per their requests and suggestions.
(c) Notify our clients in due time in cases that their said enquiry/issue will take slightly longer time to respond and give a reasonable timeline for the same.
(d) Consult with our clients during their package preparation to ensure that the final package is correct and reflects our client’s specifications and needs.
(e) Give regular updates to our clients on the package development and or any changes/adjustments or amendments that may arise in the process of development. This will include any prevailing conditions (Natural or manmade) that might affect positively or negatively the main event.
(f) Treat all our clients with ultimate respect and accord all of them room to air their views suggestions or observations as we ultimately always offer our professional consultations.
(g) Share with our clients our evaluations before any event.
(h) Increase communication traffic before, during and after any event.

We remain very attentive to details and we have taken time to have a well-equipped staff who have all the necessary and relevant resources to respond to our client’s enquiries. Flexibility is very crucial in our business, therefore, with our able team great interpersonal skills, we can offer legendary services to all our clients equally.

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