Privacy Policy

Primera Events Management Company is a dully registered and Certified Corporates Events Management Company in the Republic of Kenya, East Africa.

At Primera Events Management Company, we are committed in discharging all our responsibilities within the Laws of the Republic of Kenya.

  1. Head Office

The Head Office will be based in Nairobi, Kenya.

  1. Time Zone

Kenyan Time zone is: – (+3 GMT)

  1. Working Hours:
  • Our Working hours are:
  • Weekdays: 0800 Hours to 1800 Hours
  • Weekend: 0800 Hours to 1700 Hours
  1. Clients Contact.

(a) We shall make direct contact all our clients directly through:

  • Face to face
  • Virtual meetings
  • E-mails
  • Phone calls

             (b) A company’s representative(s) will: –

               – Introduce themselves

               – Mention their position in the Company.

               – Give reason to contact the client.

             (c) The client has the right to verify the above(1b) before continuing with any form of communication.

  1. Client Information
  • We regard all our communications with utmost respect and privacy.
  • Therefore, we don’t disclose the same to any third party unless required by law. In that case, the client shall be made aware of the same while sharing the legal basis for our actions.
  • We expect the high level of Privacy that we accord to our clients to be reciprocated to us as well for a healthy business relationship.
  • Therefore, upon having an agreement to offer our Events Management services, we shall avail a contract that shall include the details in section 1 and 2 for both parties’ consent.
  1. Primera Events Management Company shall only transact in two Currencies in the entire East Africa.
  • Kenya Shillings – (KSH)
  • United states of America Dollars – USD

The details regarding the banking stage shall be made available in the detailed contract.



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