Public Relationship and Media Management

-Event website development.

We just don’t organize; we also take the event to the intended audience. When it comes to making the targeted audience away or the upcoming event, we will always develop a well visible website on the search engines, increase traffic, manage the social media sites besides managing confirmed attendees on a special system managed by us.

-Social Media Engagement.

As we anticipate for your event, we also keep the peddle on gas and keep knocking on the audience doors through the social media. Any event needs a lively audience and hence we will keep a social platform for the audience to engage with you before, during and after the event.

-Marketing and Events Promotions.

Different events call for different strategies regarding the marketing channels. As much as we embrace the digital platforms, we also don’t hesitate to have marketing brochures and print outs besides banners to take the word out to the audience.

-Events Invitations system Management/Data collection

The system carefully managed by out IT department is responsible to create online events invitation and develop a personalized data collection system for the attendees.

Video coverage and production

Our media production team will be in hand to offer photography services besides video coverage before and during the event. These carefully handled content will therefor go through the production stage and the product used by the client for their own marketing purposes in the future.

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