Responsible Travel

At Primera Events Management Company, we are fully guided by responsible travel guidelines. We are passionate about impacting positively on the environment and local population. We therefore encourage our clients to have a positive approach and be respectful to the local economies, culture and environment too. At Primera Events Management Company and our suppliers, we adhere to the guidelines below:
1. Culture.
The African culture is not only so deep but also so authentic and still stands out so prominently in the world.
We are so proud to be part of this rich culture apart from part of the African race. Therefore, we are cautious and sensitive to the African Culture and always encourage our clients to observe the same.
During our operations on the African Continent, we wish to keenly observe the following:
(a) Respect

Local Interactions. Communicating and responding to the local cultures positively and with respect goes a long way in ensuring that a strong bond between us and the population where we operate. Over the years, we have encouraged our partners to be fully aware of the local cultures and respond to the same positively.
We offer a few suggestions though on building positive local interaction:
- Learning a few basic local words and occasionally use them.
- Share a local meal with the natives while ‘learning” how to indulge in the same.
- Engage the locals in locally appreciated activities like sports or hobby that might brighten up the day.
- Try out some social and economic activities undertaken by the locals. It is through our keen observation that we fully understand that the more we understand different cultures, the more we appreciate them too
(b) Local Customs and etiquette
The diversity in Africa as a continent is so immense and more interesting in the East Africa where we have established our dominance.
Locally specific information will be carefully prepared and made available to our clients for each County/region or country(s) visited on the ethnicity background, indigenous or religious affluence.
Information shall also be specific on regions;
o socially acceptable etiquettes
o economic pillars and shopping behavior
o Appropriate dress codes
o suitable greetings
o Common behaviors that are unsuitable or deemed offensive among other issues.
(c) Sex Tourism
We fully understand that some of the areas that we operate, commercial sex industries have been reported.
At Primera Events Management Company, as a law-abiding Company, we condone all manner of sex tourism for all ages and genders too.

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