The Team

Our team is comprised of experienced M.I.C.E (Meeting, incentives, conferencing and exhibitions) professionals passionate in delivering the bests in corporate and charity Events organizing and execution. We all pride ourselves in having great experience in destinations management and handling intellectual events packages for our guests in the region. This calls for in-depth understanding or the regions Tourism trends, the clientele besides the expectations and taste of clients.

(a) Travel consultants:

This team come in handy to offer professional advice for small to large groups regarding the best package that will suit your events. You are bound to work and interact entirely with this team from the time that we receive your request. During the entire designing, during and after the event, you will be able to contact this team around the clock as they give regular updates regarding the organizing process. Kindly feel free to approach them for a personalized event that reflect your taste and desire.

(b) Reservations agents:

This team works closely with the Travel consultant team to finalize and make confirmations on the consultants’ suggestions. It is the reservation team responsibility to make, amend or cancel any flight, accommodation, event site or any other reservation or provider as prompted by the consultants. This ensures a smooth running of any event that we hold in the region.

(c) Sales and Marketing:

These are the Company’s spokesmen and ladies on the frontline to spread the word on a high pitch on the highest ground possible. The team is well trained equipped with all the necessary equipment’s and tools to perform their duties to the best of their ability. We ensure that we select only the passionate, intellectual, multilingual individuals with excellent listening and communication skills. This is the team you may likely to meet first during your contact with PEMC. Working closely with the Information and Technology department, the team also works backstage in products presentation and content management on our social media platforms. The essence of having such a team is to ensure that you understand our products and services better and ultimately make the right decision.

(d) Information and technology:

The department is so critical to us and is mandated to work closely with all these teams and give technological assistance always when needed. In the modern word of such rapid growth, high technology is almost becoming our lifestyle and such positive development can’t pass unnoticed or ignored in this century. Website developers are included in this team to design and host the events websites meant for your event alongside social media management.

(e) Designers:

The talented design team works closely with all the rest of the teams to deliver all the designing assignments from the office to the real site. The selected field crew back up all the team and assists in implementation on what appears on paper in the field. The entire PEMC entire team works as a team with a clear and a common goal, to offer legendary services to all our clients as clearly stipulated in our Mission.

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