Why Primera Events Management Company

1. Professionalism.
The long journey to deliver professional Events begins all the way from our internal recruitment system which have remained watertight and exceptional in the industry.
We fully understand that our clients demand exemplary services and vale for their every singly shilling. Therefore, we have built capacity to deliver the same in the highest standards possible. Our able team is well trained and passionate to deliver the same as entrenched in our Mission and Vision.
2. Experience.
As many people say, Experience comes with age. Well, it does with the inclusion of exposure too. We thrive in demanding environment which calls great managerial skills, Excellent listening and communication skills besides unmatched time management.
We have grown and performed in this environment and won’t hesitate a second to deliver and exceed our client’s expectations.
3. Excellent Listening and Communication skills.
The details offered to the Events organizer remains very crucial for every event to be successful. This means the Events Organizer ought to be extra attentive to the details offered so as they can plan accordingly.
Simple errors like the wrong expected number of attendees and/or omission of he same can end up ruining the entire planning of the events and the outcome will no be as expected. Hence, we remain very keen to details and always offer a communication channel to give regular updates to the clients and ensure that we are on the same page all the way.
4. Flexibility.
We are indeed very flexible in our operations. We therefore confidently state that we have set ourselves ahead of the pack in the industry by involving our clients in every step of the event organizing. We remain open to new ideas given by our clients while we offer our professional advice on the same.
This great collaboration has huge positive impacts to our events as it ends up creating a personalized event designed by us with the contribution from the clients too.
5. East Africa presence.
Thinking of planning an event in Tanzania or Rwanda…...? Let us know.
We have established our presence in the East Africa region and can confidently run the same from our subsidiary offices located in both Arusha and Kigali respectively.

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