Afforestation plan 2020 – 2030

At an Estimated 4.54 billion years old, planet earth remains the only planet with life in the entire solar system. Hosting around 7.7 billion people in her 57.3 Million Square Miles as per the 2019 statistics, the planet that we call home undoubtedly our positive input and care as well.
As human beings, we derive our Oxygen remitted by the numerous plant species found naturally on this planet. Hence, as humans, we have a responsibility to ensure that we take care of our Mother Nature and only leave it a better place for the future generations too. We all have a role to play in conservation and protecting the Mother Nature.
As a concerned party on planet Earth, we have committed ourselves in ensuring that we conduct our business with much respect for the Nature and cause very minimal (If any) negative impact to the environment in all our operations.
We have therefore signed up a realistic commitment to engage in Afforestation activities across the region. This have been an internal decision to have a fixed minimum number of trees that we plant in designated areas as advised by the relevant authorities in all the countries of our operations. It’s a huge responsibility that lies squarely on our shoulder’s and the one and only way for solve it is by facing it head on.
Therefore, at Primera Events Management Company, we have clearly committed to leave this planet a better one than we found it.

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