Conference and workshops Management

-Events venues picking and negotiation.

The best thing with working with an experienced and passionate partner is that you can simply submit your idea, sit back and rest while we scout out for a venue according to your preference. Having travelled greatly in the region and with a clear understanding of the business dynamics, you can as well trust that we will only recommend the very best the East Africa region has to offer.

We have had a healthy working relationship too with all our partners too and you can be sure that we will get the best deals on your behalf. Depending on nature of the event, we will hence share with you our sincere views from a business angle and assist in the entire process.

-New brands unveiling

A saying goes by, “…there is no second chance to give the first impression…”. With that in mind, we work with corporates who wish to launch new products or services into the market to unveil the same in the best way possible and easily catch the eyes of their target audience.

This is a no ordinary event to us as we fully understand that the target audience will and mostly always associate the new product or service by how it was introduced in the market. The event itself is what sticks in the mind of many for a very long time. We will therefore bring out all the resources, time and human power at our disposal to deliver the best.

-Trade shows.

As is well understood by business stakeholders, trade shows bring business together of the same industry to showcase their products and services and meet other prospective partners and customers.

We would work closely with industry representatives keen to plan a trade fair and ultimately plan and deliver a successful trade fair. The need for a conducive environment alongside enough modern equipment’s is therefore a priority and we are willing and able to guide and professionally plan through the entire trade show.

-Travel/Transport & Accommodation

We strongly believe that travel should be enjoyed from the very moment that you set off. At PEMC, it is our desire to see you enjoy every bit of your travel in your dreams. Wherever your travel takes you, with us you can be sure of getting the best accommodation facilities of your desire. Every destination has taste of its own and sampling the flavor of your destination would always be a great idea. One is bound to access and experience the best dinning for both local and international finger licking cuisines. We therefore guarantee all our clients the very best in quality and in the following facilities:

(a) Hotels.

Your comfort is guaranteed in the hotel star on your choice in all the countries of our operations. Therefore, we will make it a reality by making prompt reservations of your accommodations in towns or cities that we operate from in the East Africa region. This also makes our guests to experience high quality service besides unmatched discounted rates thanks to our healthy partnership with other relate partners in the industry.
(b) Lodges.

As most of the lodges are located out of town, we make bookings for our clients while staying in these destinations away from the big cities. How about having a nice, so quite sleep in the middle of a wildlife conservancy only waking up to sweet melodies of weaver birds getting ready for yet another retreat/conferencing day? We will take you there and enjoy your privacy for your event.
(c) Serviced Apartments/ Private cottages

In these fast-growing modern cities in the region, these long terms or short-term properties comes in handy for individuals willing to have “home away from home” experience.

-RSV management

Management of the invitees in every event is very crucial. At PEMC, we are able to create a invitee record system whenever we are required to and share the same with our client. This is only developed at our client’s request depending on the nature, location and purpose of the event.

-Airline ticketing

Our able team of reservation team always collaborate with the consultant’s team to ensure that we book flights for our clients where need or requested upon to do so. You can as well rely on us to ensure your smooth travel from one destination to the other in the best way possible.

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